Two of the men grabbed Tracey by the arms and dragged him backwards toward the Jeep. A third reached down toward something at the back of the Jeep and Tracey heard a slight pop. The man then stood before Tracey holding what he recognized as a trailer hitch ball cover. He reached inside the plastic cap and then held up his fingers covered with a thick film of a white grease. "All nicely cleaned and freshly lubricated, just like you're going to be," the man said with a sneer popular free porn sites

With that he reached between Tracey's legs and smeared the grease into his crack, pressing a gob of it firmly into the small indentation of Tracey's puckered asshole. To Tracey's surprise his cock sprang back into an erection as soon as the stranger's fingers touched his virgin hole.

"He likes it!" exclaimed the man. "Let's see if he enjoys the ride."

With that the other two men pulled Tracey backwards off his feet and forced him down on the trailer hitch of the Jeep. The Jeep sat high off the sand and the shaft of the trailer hitch mount extended several inches out from the frame. With his back against the tailgate of the Jeep, Tracey's anus lined up with the hitch ball. Hands pushed down on his shoulders and the greased ball slid painfully into his ass. He tried to pull himself back up, but his arms were held back and slightly above his head. He felt the two men tying his hands to something on the edges of the Jeep.

"Luckily for you this is only a 1 1/8" ball," one of the men said. "Normally I have a 2" or 3" ball mounted there." He paused and said with a leer, "Now let's go for a ride." The Jeep moved slowly up the beach into the darkness. Looking back, Tracey could just see the tire tracks and the two grooves made by his heels as they dragged across the loose sand. After a short distance, they stopped.

Tracey looked around. They were now in a small cove hidden from the lights of town. The men jumped down from the Jeep and a hand reached out to stroke his erect and very stiff cock. "I guess he did enjoy the ride," the man said with a laugh.

"You must be a pain slut to be hard after that ride," a rough voice said. "Are you a cock-sucking pain slut, pretty boy?"

The man stood in front of him. Tracey could see the moonlight glinting off his golden short shorts. It was one of the bartenders from The Beachfront. The golden shorts were slowly lowered and a huge erect penis pointed directly at Tracey's mouth free live sex cams

"Come on, Tracey. You know you want to suck on this. Show us what you can do."

Tracey wanted to shout out, "No, you are wrong!" but instead as the huge prick came close to his face he opened his mouth and hungrily reached forward to envelope the swollen cock. He bobbed his head and swirled his tongue just as he had done so many times in his fantasies as he masturbated in the safety of his bedroom. But this was real. He was tied, helpless in public and sucking a man's cock. The man suddenly groaned and hot cum gushed into Tracey's mouth. It tasted different than his own spunk. It was sweeter, but at the same time more salty. Another stiff cock replaced the first as soon as it had gone soft in his mouth. Then another and finally another as all four men raped his face.